Aleksandra Konnikova
Selected works as curator

2013, 2015 – "5 solos", CC ZIL, invited curator

2013 – "ROOM ROOM ROOM", festival of inroom performance and dance at Povarskaya street. ArtResidence. Moscow

2008-2011 – "Movement Awareness Lab", education program in the field of performance/dance/movement research, Moscow

2007 – "Professional meeting in Aktoviy Zal", community building project supported by TSEKH, Moscow

2004, 2002 – "Perfest", festival of improvisation supported by TSEKH, Moscow

Born in Moscow in 1970.

Based in Moscow.


1987-1991 –Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, musical theater actress diploma.

1992-1994 – Anatoliy Vasiliev's School of Dramatic Art, Gennadiy Abramov's Class of Expressive Plastic Movement, contemporary dance improvisation course.

1994-1999 – Anatoliy Vasiliev's School of Dramatic Art, Gennadiy Abramov's Class of Expressive Plastic Movement, work and practice as an artist being part of laboratory process.

since 1995 - workshops - different contemporary dance techniques, somatic methods, contact improvisation, composition by F. Faust, F. Poelstra, J. Hamilton, K. Simpson, F. Milword, F. Walkner, W. Cordona, A. Harwud, J. Klark, D. Zambrano, L. Touse, V. Montero and others.

Author and performer of the works created by Po.V.S.Tanze Dance Company in collaboration with Alberts Alberts and other participants

2018 – "Sect"

2017 – "We've been here", "The Ark"

2015 – "Blood", "Beatles"

2013 – "Travel diary" (Solo performance)

2013 – "Shum Zo"

2012 – sitcom performance "…" (site specific performance)

2011 – "Dance living in me" (Solo performance)

2009 – "TOUCH", "M23"

2008 – "Probability practice", "Nights and Days"

2007 –" Owen and Mzi"

2006 – "On hold"

2005 – "3petiX"

2003 – "&"

2002 – "Body leaves"

2001 – "Beads"

2000 – "Far, far away "

1999 – Ezhi and Petruccio", "Letting oneself"

Other solo performances

2007 – "Capybara", as part of the project "7 Solos" by Taras Burnashev

2002 – "Little death of a bird" and "Fatima" in collaboration with Richardas Norvila

As invited choreographer in collaboration with Alberts Alberts

2017 – "It's like this". Electrotheater Stanislavskiy, Moscow

2014 – "Unknown dance virus". CC ZIL, Moscow

2014 – "Stolen from Universe", Modern Theater, Moscow

2006 – "White Donkey's dreams", dance piece for children and their parents, Theater of Nations, Moscow

2006 – "Past continuous". Dialogue Dance Company, Kostroma

2005 – "Fifth season". Joka Jok Company, Nairobi, Kenia
Selected works as choreographer in drama theater in collaboration with Alberts Alberts

2018 – "Shakespeare in Love", directed by E. Pisarev, Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre, Moscow

2017 – "Kinaston", directed by E.Pisarev, Oleg Tabakov Theater, Moscow

2015 – "Marry Mom", directed by Presnyakov Brothers, Moscow

2008 – "Koniok-Gorbunok", directed by E. Pisarev, Moscow Art Theater

2009 – "Tania-Tania", directed by Y. Urnov, Theater department, Towson University, Baltimore, USA

2004 – "Playing the victim", directed by K. Serebryannikov, Moscow Art Theater

As choreographer in opera
2020 – "Books of Seraphim", by Alexander Belousov, directed by Alexander Belousov, Electrotheater Stanislavskiy, Moscow

Selected festivals, conferences, exhibitions, awards

2019 – Innovation Art Prize, nominated for "The Artist of the Year", in collaboration with A.Kravchenko for the project "Action. 108 Solos"

2019 – Exhibition-festival "Po.V.S.Tanze 20", Performing Arts Studio "Sdvig", St Petersburg

2018 – Exhibition "Becoming unconscious/ trembling/ with my eyes open/ I see you/ surrender" (HSE ART GALLERY), "Here and Now" (Manezh)

2018 – Conference "Arts Lab in Performative Arts: Between a Metaphor and a Practice" in RANEPA; "Practices of performance. Hybridization strategies" at Solyanka VPA.

2017 – Community congress, CC ZIL, Moscow

2017 – "Golden Mask", Moscow ("Blood", 3 nominations in contemporary dance)

2016 – "Christmas parade", Saint-Petersburg (piece "Blood", awarded for the best experimental work)

2016 – "ART WHO ART", Moscow

2016 – "SOLO", Moscow

2013 – "ROOM ROOM ROOM", Moscow Biennale program

2011/2010 – "No Translation", Interdisciplinary festival, Art-Residence, Moscow

2010, 2008, 2004 – "Art of movement", Yaroslavl

2007-2010 – "Diversia", Kostroma

2001-2009 – "TSEKH", Moscow

2006 – "SpringDance", Utrecht, Holland

2002 – "Aerodance", Amsterdam, Holland

2000 – "Evolution 00", Tallinn

2000 and 1995 – "Homo Novus", Riga and Daugavpils, Latvia

1999 – "Danceplantation", Yekaterinburg

1999 – Фестиваль «Танцплантация», Екатеринбург
International meetings, Laboratories, residences

2018 – "Post-Soviet body. Authenticity of expression", EDN Atelier, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 – Norway-Russian Lab, Dancearena Nord, Hammerfest, Norway

2015 – "Kedja", Hammerfest

2009 – "Kedja", Copenhagen

2006 – "Dialogues" as part of "SpringDance" festival, Utrecht, Holland

2004 – "Two-way traffic", research lab in the field of dance improvisation, Moscow – New-York

2000 – "Incontro", Lissbon, Portugal

Selected works as dancer

2019 – "Scores for encounter", choreographed by A. Kravchenko, The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Studios), Moscow

2016 – "Drillians", opera serial directed by B. Yukhananov. Electrotheater Stanislavskiy, Moscow

2003-2004 – "Birds eye view". "Do Theater", Germany

1998-2001 – "Na Zemle", Sasha Waltz&Guests, Berlin, Germany

1992-1999 – Co-creation and performance of improvisational pieces by Gennadiy Abramov's Class of Expressive Plastic Movement. Performances "Pride" (1997), "Voice" and "Between Seasons -2" (1995), "Gibberish" and "Nota bene" (1994), "Between seasons" and "Come and Go" (1993), "Chaser" (1992)
Author of the method, head of the project

Since 2014 – "Action" (current project in the form of laboratory research and public performances)
Selected works as actress

2007 – Eternal Flame, play "New Year", directed by P. Grigoryan

2005 – Ivonna, play "The King of the Sins and the Queen of Fears", directed by Y. Urnov. Theater of Nations, Moscow

2001 – Girl in Red, play "Plasticine", directed by K. Serebrennikov, CDD, Moscow
As invited teacher in collaboration with Alberts Alberts

Since 2019 – author and teacher of "The Sixth Sense. Kinesthetic practice", Moscow Yoga School at Chistye Prudy, regular classes.

Since 2016 – classes and workshops for dancers of Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

2017 – Latvian Academy of Culture, workshop

2017 – Educational program at Festival "Territory", Moscow

2010 -2017 – Vaganova Ballet Academy, program "Art practice in contemporary dance", Saint-Petersburg

2013-2016 – International Summer Theater School, Moscow

2002-2012 – TSEKH Summer School, Moscow

2008-2011 – Movement Awareness Lab, Moscow

2009 – Dance and Theatre department, Towson University, Baltimore, USA

2006 – SEAD Summer School, Salzburg, Austria

2001 – Codarts Rotterdam. Rotterdam, The Netherlands, workshop

Since 2001 – workshops across Russia, Ukraine and Israel