Dance: Alexandra Konnikova, Alberts Alberts

Sound: Alexandra Konnikova, Alberts Alberts, Moscow, experimental sound of secret origin.

Light design: Evgeniya Kaufman.

Set, poster and program design: Vadim Koptievsky.

Thank you to Moscow Yoga School and Ivan Tenerov personally.
What you see and what you hear is exactly what we wanted to present you. Nothing else.
*Sect (from lat. secta) – way of thinking, way of doing, way of living, dogma, school of thought, approach.
Contemporary dictionary of religious studies. Rostov on Don. Phoenix. 2010.
Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes.

The 1st version of 'Sect' (performance-concert) was created by Po.V.S.Tanze Dance Company in collaboration with the New Oslo Losers Trio and composer Richardas Norvila, and premiered 12 December 2018, after that it was presented several times during 2019 at Boyarskiye Palaty STD RF (Moscow) and Performing Arts Studio "Sdvig" (St Petersburg).

/currently on at Boyarskiye Palaty STD RF/
The act includes 7 dance and 8 sound scores.
2nd edition
Audio-visual performance.