performers and authors: Alberts Alberts, Alexandra Konnikova, Andrey Andrianov

music director: Richardas Norvila

text: Andrey Andrianov, Alexandra Konnikova

light design: Evgeniya Kaufman

poster and program design: Vadim Koptievsky

Thank you to Richardas Norvila for help with concept development

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Premiered 17 February 2017.

Presented at Boyarskiye Palaty STD RF, Performing Arts Studio "Sdvig" (St Petersburg), Eduards Smilgis Theatre Museum (Riga, Latvia).

/ currently on at Boyarskiye Palaty STD RF /

Andrey, Alexandra and Albert have known each other for more than 20 years. Andrey represents the first generation of Russian contemporary dance, Sasha and Albert represent the second generation. Three of them met before at improvisation scene in several theater projects, in 2007 together they made a project "Speak-Tacle" – a series of lecture-performances on history and practice of dance improvisation. 10 years after they decided to unite in order to create the performance "The Arc", where they play with different instruments, images, genres without any rules.
The material for the performance emerged from personal poetic perception of life by each member of the group and joint philosophical discussions on the phenomenon of utopia as a way to survive. In particular, on Monte Verità colony, hippie squats, underground art communities of the 80s, on the theatrical space itself and 's(imple)-pace' (in Russian word play with prostranstvo (space), 'prosto-transtvo') of the artist's imagination in his/her mind. And also why apocalyptic motives have always been so attractive for the artists of all forms of art.
in one part for three performers
Andrey Andrianov is a dancer, choreographer, and performer. Started to practice movement at the school at G. Mackevičius's Theater of Plastic Drama. Co-founder of the international laboratory Saira Blanche Theatre.

In 1995-2000, as a member of Russian-Austrian performance art group Lux Flux & Saira Blanche, performed at major international festivals such as Tanz-Platform. Wien, ImageTanz, Tanz-2000, Wiener Festwochen and many others.

In 2001-2012 worked fwith the dance company 'Do Tanza', associated with The School of Dramatic Art, headed by Japanese butoh master Min Tanaka.

Attended a long course at the famous Body Weather Farm in Japan.

Currently works as an independent choreographer and dancer, takes part in the projects abroad. Worked with such famous contemporary dancers and choreographers as Daniel Lepkoff, Steve Paxton, Meg Stuart, Amanda Piña, Robert Stain, Yukiko Shinozaki, Heine Røsdal Avdal and others.